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Golf ball pyramid game

Golf ball pyramid game


When the weather is cold and dreary and you can’t get to the course to play, use this game to sharpen your mind and keep you on your toes mentally. Take a swing at the most exciting golf puzzle ever made. Using the balls connected in pairs, build a pyramid without any one color touching the same color on the inside or outside edge of the pyramid. This may sound like a piece of cake but, you will soon see that this is the new golfer’s Rubik’s cube. You can’t put it down and it will drive you crazy until you get it right and figure it out. A great gift for all ages!! Can be used as a tournament gift or promotion giveaway. Keep one on your desk…find out who in your office has quick hand, eye, brain coordination (this could be important information when you have to pick a new partner on the next project.) You can play the Pyramid game alone, or as a timed contest with others. The pyramid puzzle game makes a great stocking stuffer or is reasonable enough to give to your foursome, office buddies, or even your golf league. The Golf ball Puzzle Game won Best New Product at the 2003 PGA Show and was winner of the 203 Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence!

  • As seen on the Fox Network “Morning Show” (12/4/205).
  • Build a pyramid without any one color touching the same color.
  • Great gift for . . . Dad, Grandpa, Boss, or Co-Worker.
  • Fun for all ages . . . may be the new golfer’s Rubik’s cube.

At $11.95 you could get one for your home and one for the office.

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